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Hauxton - Cambridge

Harrow Estates’ technical and environmental expertise has been essential in the reclamation of this 84 acre, former Bayer Crop Science site, at Hauxton. As the site was used since the 1940s to manufacture pesticides and herbicides there were a number of historic pollution instances and it was subsequently designated as Contaminated Land under Part 2A of the Environment Protection Act 1990. Further challenges were presented by the proximity of the environmentally sensitive Riddy Brook and the River Cam.

Following completion of an extensive remediation programme the site is currently going through a monitoring and verification process. 

  • Following successful reclamation, the site has outline planning permission for up to 380 dwellings.
  • The site has been cleared of asbestos and all buildings demolished.
  • Remediation began in March 2010 with the treatment of 250,000 cubic metres of soils and groundwater.
  • The development will also include 40,000 sq ft of office space and 2,500 sq ft of retail space.
  • The treatment of the soils is undertaken in windrows and force ventilated beds and groundwater is treated at a purpose built water treatment plant.
  • A bus service is being provided as part of the development along with improvements to the local highway network.
  • Contributions will be made towards a new village hall and a new primary school in the village.
  • Harrow Estates are working closely with the Environment Agency and South Cambridgeshire District Council.
  • Public Open Space will be provided on site, along with former sports fields associated with the site. These will be managed by the Parish Council.

The remediation work was completed in December 2011. The site will be monitored for at least six months prior to being brought forward for development.

Key Facts

No. Acres: 84

No. Units: 380

Commercial Space: 42,500 sq ft

Requirements: Demolition, Infrastructure, Planning and Decontamination

Purchased From: Bayer

Sold To: Redrow Homes

Date Acquired: March 2009

Previous Classification: Brownfield