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Master Planning

Master Planning

Combining our technical, planning and market knowledge, the team takes a holistic approach to the planning promotion, master planning and delivery of sites for future development. The need to ensure strong commercial viability and high quality design as part of each development scheme, lies at the heart of everything we do.

Coupled with the inclusive consultations involving key stakeholder groups, we specialise in securing positive planning and technical outcomes that lead to new residential and commercial development opportunities.

Optimising Planning Consents

Optimising Planning Consents

Covering brownfield or greenfield land, development plan promotion or Section 73 applications and Section 78 appeals, the team is focused on securing the best possible outcome within the best time-frame.

Each new development site is reviewed against local constraints and opportunities in order to achieve a well-designed and sustainable development framework that will minimise risk during the planning process and is ultimately deliverable and has value in the market place.

Major Developments & Garden Villages (2)

Major Developments & Garden Villages

Given the scale and complexity of the majority of our sites which typically involves the creation of entirely new neighbourhoods, we seek to enshrine each of our new developments with the key principles of placemaking that underpin everything that we do. 

These principles naturally lend themselves to Garden Villages, a concept that we have championed in many of the large scale schemes that we have recently been involved in, some of which can be seen below. 

Kingsmead, Northwich

Kingsmead, a large greenfield site in Cheshire has acted as a catalyst for the regeneration of the Northwich area and is the perfect example of the Garden Village concept which creates new communities with all the amenities residents need and an infrastructure to enable people to build businesses and create jobs to serve the community.

It is a sought after location with 5,000 people living in more than 2,000 homes from first time buyer properties to family housing and apartments. From the very beginning landowners, the local authority and local community were involved to develop a comprehensive master plan to make Kingsmead a sustainable and thriving community.

Garden Villages