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Kingsmead - Cheshire

Kingsmead is a shining example of how Redrow have applied the philosophy of garden villages to help build new communities and give people all the amenities they need on their doorstep.


Redrow’s vision of creating a leading garden village began in 1994 and work was carried out over a period of 10 years. Kingsmead was always more than just a housing development; In addition to 2000 new homes, the garden village principles of public open spaces and a variety of amenities for people to enjoy where front and centre in the planning and execution of this outstanding new village.


Among the work done to improve the local area was the extension of an existing college, the building of a new primary school and a village centre which is now home to over 20 businesses. Alongside this, Redrow created 10 miles of footpaths and riverside walks to enhance the health and well-being of its residents.  It didn’t stop with Kingsmead; Redrow also built a new one a half mile relief road to the centre of Northwich which helped reduce congestion for the whole area.


Now a thriving community, Kingsmead remains a very desirable place to live and an example of the capability that Redrow retains in creating a better way to live.

Key Facts

No. Acres: 200

No. Units: 2000

Date Acquired: January 1994

Date Sold: January 2005

Previous Classification: Greenfield

Kingsmead - The Natural Choice