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Kingsmead is an example of a new Garden Village which was delivered by Redrow on a greenfield site over a period of ten years starting in 1994.

Our Chairman, Steve Morgan, had the vision to create a new Cheshire Village of 2,000 new homes with a Village Centre including shops and a pub, Primary School and vast areas of open space and landscaping. Mark Nicholls, our Technical Director was responsible for the design and implementation of all the landscaping, earthworks and infrastructure delivery across the site. This work included a new by-pass through the site to alleviate the congested London Road into Northwich, new utilities as well as foul and surface water solutions to serve the entire site which was a significant undertaking at the time.

Kingsmead retained as many of the existing site features as possible such as mature trees and hedgerows and then supplemented and enhanced them with additional landscaping and planting. Features were included across the site to reflect typical Cheshire village styles including Cheshire railings, sandstone walls, a Lych Gate, tree-lined boulevards and green corridors.

Now a mature development, Kingsmead remains a very desirable place to live and an example of the capability that Harrow Estates retains in bringing forward large scale development.

Key Facts

No. Acres: 200

No. Units: 2000

Date Acquired: January 1994

Date Sold: January 2005

Previous Classification: Greenfield

Kingsmead - The Natural Choice