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Tipton - West Midlands

Acquired unconditionally with a long lease in place, Harrow Estates initially held this former Triplex Iron Foundry in the West Midlands as an investment.

Having successfully negotiated a reduction in the lease term with the tenants, the Harrow team set about a series of consultations and assessments to accelerate the removal of this non-conforming and polluting use and kick-start a wider regeneration programme.


  • A total site area of 8 acres was reclaimed for residential redevelopment.
  • Planning secured for 121 new homes. This represents phase one of a wider development plan for the site and surrounding area.
  • The site is currently being developed by Redrow Homes.
  • Works included decommissioning, asbestos removal, demolition and clearance, ground remodelling and the stabilisation of an historic mining legacy.
  • The site has been designed to create a healthier environment by the creation of a green corridor and new cycle and pedestrian links through the site and beyond.

Key Facts

No. Acres: 8

No. Units: 121

Requirements: Demolition and Planning

Purchased From: Triplex Iron Foundry

Sold To: Redrow Homes

Date Sold: October 2009

Previous Classification: Greenfield